Posted by Josh Norman

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman has hit upon the only righteous solution to silly NFL unsportsmanlike conduct celebration penalties: slap the wire photos on a T-shirt and sell them for $29.99, plus shipping.

“When you’re the hunted, you have to continue to rise above it all,” reads the product description on Norman’s website. “My Warrior Tee is a tribute to the type of player I am on the field, and the aggressive style of play I bring with me each week.”

It’s also a tribute to the NFL’s hyper vigilance, leading to one of this season’s silliest 15-yard penalties. Although, come to think of it, that penalty on Norman wasn’t nearly as silly as the one handed out to Vernon Davis for shooting a jump shot with a football. How come no one is selling $30 T-shirts memorializing that moment yet?

The photo Norman chose to commercialize was originally taken by the Associated Press’ Chuck Burton in the moment following Norman’s first interception of the season


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“The bow and arrow is something to get the crowd and fans into it,” Norman said after that win over the Browns. “We’re here in Washington; just want to have fun with the crowd, a little. I guess they called me out for it. Now they got me on the list. They have to go and find something else.”

The league office, of course, viewed Norman’s display as a threatening act.

“The key is if it’s a gesture that either mimics a violent act — whether that’s something with a firearm or a bow and arrow — or a sexually suggestive act, those are unsportsmanlike conduct,” Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino said. “That’s unsportsmanlike conduct.”

In a later interview, Norman described his bow and arrow as nonviolent.

“I don’t think we’re trying to hurt nobody or trying to shoot something,” he said. ” Like, c’mon, man. Let’s get out of that. I think people in that [league] office, they always want to find something to stick us with, and it’s just sad that we’ve come to this, but that’s what it is, and we’re going to continue to have to fight it, man.”